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Client Testimonials

When I first came to Cecily, I was in a desperate situation. My previous lawyer had done almost nothing on my case, and had told me that I had no hopes of winning. Cecily took over and immediately I felt so much better. She was honest with me and told me that my case was difficult, but she also had a positive attitude and did whatever she could to help me. I could tell that she was going to fight for me. Over the course of several months Cecily went above and beyond and she turned my case into a something really strong that could actually be granted. Still, we had our doubts that I would win. However, today I am so happy to say that my case was granted and the government didn't appeal!! I feel so grateful for Cecily's hard work. She has given me a chance at a new life. I cannot recommend Cecily enough; she is not just a lawyer but also your friend. She makes you feel as though you are special and she takes the time to really understand your case. I think everyone should have a lawyer like Cecily. Not every case can be won, but the person fighting the case should feel as though the lawyer is 100% committed to them - and that is how Cecily makes you feel. If you find yourself in a difficult situation or you want good advice, call Cecily. You won't regret it.


Cecily helped me in my case which was not very common. She found the best solution for me. It was easy to work with her as she is very compassionate and knowledgeable. Cecily gave me confidence when I most needed it.

Thank you , Cecily and I recommend your service to those who need a reliable, passionate immigration lawyer!!!


Cecily is an all round loving and genuine person. I felt safe and at ease throughout this emotionally draining process. She went above and beyond my expectations due to my experience with other attorneys. I feel blessed to have found her.


Cecily Clements was such a fabulous Attorney to my husband and helpful with us as a couple. She took personal care and time with us on very personal and delicate matters that came up she's professional and extremely knowledgable!! Not only do we respect her as a very awesome well put together attorney we grew to really care for her on a personal level as well. She made us feel like we had known her our whole lives!! By far I think my families case was one of the most challenging someone's seen in along time and she pulled it off like no problem, Cecily is the BEST!!!!!!